I'm sure you've heard of music. It has figured prominently in numerous ways in your life by SOUNDS that come to you in a pleasant way and are reminiscence of joyous moments. But did you know it can be used to help those with sickness, or brought to you as to help getting your inner-self express as from our Creator's will. I must admit, it sounds like Kabalistic but when my pal Shul told me that I should try sharing my experiences and that I could get people closer to their real self, I was in disbelief. He sent me some links and the music used to get this done and I was convinced. I wanted to share it with you as well


As soon as you master meditating only music will help you get inner peace. Although Music therapy has been around for a while, it has not become too well known. So my purpose is to start as planned and to investigate while I continue making music for others.

It is worth it, I have seen changes in mood and it has been the best reward I've ever had. Being able to sing for hours was just about the biggest experience in the world.